Some TASTE dinner to go!


Golden Beet Salad

We just love catering, both at the cafe and away. We believe that food is best enjoyed with friends and family at the table. Nearly every chef began their career in the kitchen, preparing food for the family dinner or licking the whisk after mom popped cookies in the oven.  That’s why we hope to keep catering and putting food on the table, even if it’s not ours!

Last Friday we catered a full dinner for pick up. The wonderful host was having a gathering at her house and a warm, home cooked dinner was a must! We baked up our NEW Chicken and Artichoke Lasagna and tasty Shepherd’s Pie for the main course. On the side we packed up our Golden Beet Salad (a personal fave…golden beets, Point Reyes Bleu Cheese and toasty walnuts, what’s not to love?!) and TASTE House Salad. The group liked it so much, we were invited back for another dinner party on Sunday (she is quite the entertainer, no?). This time we added a platter of Red Velvet Cupcakes to the order…after all, we wholeheartedly believe that dessert is a must (whether it’s after dinner, lunch or even a lovely mid morning dessert.)

If you need a dinner to serve at your place or would like to serve it at ours, be sure to call us (509.468.2929). We’re happy to keep putting meals on the table!

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